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The Dorma Agile 150 Series of Sliding Door Solutions features smooth and safe entry operation.

Agile 50 Dormotion by Dorma

The Dorma Agile 150 Series of Sliding Door Solutions is at the forefront of sliding door innovation.

With a minimal 63-mm track profile height, and whisper-quiet roller carrier assemblies, the system offers solutions that are as technically superior as they are visually stunning.

This series is now able to expand on its application by offering Dormotion automated soft open-and-close functionality, which ensures smooth, quiet, simple and safe entry operation.

Throughout Dorma’s extensive Australasian network, architects, designers and specifiers will be pleased to find highly competent representatives eager to work with them in delivering solutions that are tailored to both their project’s requirements and its user’s specific needs. Every Dorma solution comes with ultimate peace of mind.