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Breezway Altair Louvres can achieve very high ventilation rates.

Altair Louvre windows by Breezway

HVAC engineers have on occasion been concerned about the higher air infiltration rates of Altair Louvres in comparison to fixed glass windows.

Breezway has commissioned an independent study to assess the energy consumption of a building with Altair Louvres for natural ventilation and mixed-mode airconditioning, compared to fixed windows and airconditioning to maintain daily indoor comfort.

Set in Climate Zone 5 (where 40 percent of Australia’s population is based) the study determined that the Altair Louvre combination resulted in annual energy consumption being 23 percent lower.

By designing with Altair Louvre Windows, very high window ventilation rates can be achieved, along with decreased energy bills, improved productivity and greater comfort for clients.