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Bi-fold door system from AWS

Architectural Window Systems is excited to announce the release of an innovative bottom-rolling bi-fold door system. The Series 412 Bi-fold door system is ideal for use in high-end residential or commercial applications.

Series 412 Bi-fold door panels roll on Centor F3 stainless steel bearing rollers, running in a heavy-duty concealed sill track. These robust rollers are capable of supporting heavy door panels up to 80 kg, and along with the door pivots, are concealed beneath the door to ensure there are no external projections, delivering a flush finish to the 102-mm frame inside and out.

The flexible sill flap conceals the rollers and keeps dust and water away from the sill track which ensures smooth, trouble-free operation. The system can be easily screened and is compatible with the Centor S1E retractable screen system.

A semi-rigid PVC guide track at the head reduces noise for whisper-quiet operation and all door panels can be easily adjusted to accommodate building settlement and seamless long-term functionality of the system.