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Cabrits bath by Victoria and Albert

Victoria + Albert’s new Cabrits bath – featuring a strikingly unique double-curve design – is now available for purchase in Australia.

The Cabrits bath takes its name from the Caribbean’s most exotic national park. Located on an exclusive peninsula at the northern end of the island of Dominica, the Cabrits National Park features tropical forests, coral reefs and wetlands. The now dormant volcanoes, which are an integral part of the luscious Cabrits landscape, are also mirrored in the bath’s silhouette.

The design is focused on a reimagining of the freestanding bath for today’s design-conscious consumers. Concentrating on such key factors as form and function, the bath is a fusion of high-end art and modern ergonomics. It is compact enough to fit into a variety of spaces while remaining ecologically sound. The contoured design offers a unique body fit and improved comfort.