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Instyle’s first acoustic tile design, Moov, pictured here covered in Sense fabric.

Ecoustic collection from Instyle

Introducing Ecoustic, Instyle’s innovative new collection of acoustic panels, screens, tiles and textiles, for walls and ceiling applications, partitions and screens.

Ecoustic Panel can absorb 30 to 95 percent of sound, depending on the panel thickness (8 mm, 13.5 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm), when fixed directly to a wall. Sized at 1210 x 2720 mm (plus 1210 x 2420 for the 13.5-mm thick panel), Ecoustic Panel is designed to optimally fit walls and also offers improved attachment ability. Made from more than 60 percent recycled polyester, Ecoustic panels, screens and textiles are available in four neutral colours: white, natural, light grey and charcoal.

Instyle’s first Ecoustic tile design, Moov, absorbs 90 percent of sound and is available in three fabric finishes, with up to 56 colourways.