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The Mobius public seating system includes modules such as the S-back.

Mobius seating from Zenith Interiors

The Mobius is a public seating system that offers modules which can be connected into different configurations, limited only be architects’ and designers’ imaginations.

The system was designed by Marc Schamburg and Michael Alvisse, of Schamburg + Alvisse.

The Mobius seating system curves, twists and changes direction seamlessly, and doesn’t have defined start or end points.

Its unique double-sided S-back module allows the seating position to face both ways. The system also includes a range of lounge bases, backs, curved pieces and semicircles that can be combined to suit specific needs. Mobius as been specified for breakout and waiting seating in foyers, airports, libraries, offices and shopping centres.

The versatile public seating solution offers endless possibilities.