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Resene’s new fandeck of fashion colours for 2013 includes dusty timeless hues.

The Range paint colours from Resene

The new The Range fashion colours fandeck from Resene showcases the latest in paint-colour trends designed to take designers and architects into 2013 and beyond.

The hues head in three directions: there are the dusty timeless hues that provide a soft cocoon and remind of us of our heritage, the clean cool light hues that provide soothing relief and tranquillity in a fast world, and the pops of bright colour that bring fun, excitement and energy.

Each colour comes complete with complementary colour suggestions to provide inspiration. Colours are also available in screenprinted A4 drawdowns, handy 55-ml testpots, self-adhesives, electronic RGB colour values and colour files for architectural software such as AutoCAD.