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Create a handy feature with Resene Blackboard Paint, on interior and exterior smooth surfaces.

Blackboard Paint by Resene

When painting a kid’s room, a kitchen or even a sidewalk cafe, architects and designers can make the most of the wall space by adding a blackboard to their plans. Resene Blackboard Paint allows architects and designers to create a handy extra feature for a minimal cost.

Resene Blackboard Paint is a premium scrubbable 100% acrylic coating for all types of interior and exterior smooth surfaces where a hard-wearing blackboard coating is required. It is easy to apply – prepare and prime the surface and then apply two coats of Resene Blackboard Paint by brush, roller or spray.

If space is limited combine Resene Magnetic Magic as the base coat and Resene Blackboard Paint as the topcoat and create a versatile magnetic blackboard.