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The Glide-Away folding door from Smartech Door Systems.

The Smart-Tilt wall from Smartech Door Systems.

The Smart-Tilt window from Smartech Door Systems.

Glide-Away door and Smart-Tilt window by Smartech

Smartech Door Systems provides innovative solutions that take into account current lifestyles and future needs.

The clever Glide-Away folding door is a contemporary glass door and wall system that enables open-plan living. The Glide-Away folding door is designed for larger openings, and motorization allows for comfort of living, even in today’s busy lifestyles.

The Glide-Away folding door system was recently installed at a house in Palm Beach, NSW. In this project, the door allows the ocean air to enter the top-floor dining room, creating a tranquil space. The external balustrade allows for a complete solution when having this door system installed.

Smartech Door Systems has also created the ultimate servery counter window, which is reliable and easy to operate. The Smart-Tilt window offers a perfect seal when closed, and when installing this type of system, shop owners will immediately enjoy a completely open, sleek and contemporary ambience for serving their clients. Suitable for a range of applications, including canteens, cafes, homes, restaurants and hotel venues, the Smart-Tilt window is available in both electric and hand-operated versions.