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Ideal for aged care facilities, Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows don’t compromise privacy.

Louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie

There is no doubt that louvre windows provide a great solution for maximizing airflow and ventilation in buildings. In the past, however, traditional louvre windows have often been overlooked due to safety, security, fire and other regulatory obstacles.

Safetyline Jalousie, in conjunction with its strategic partners, has developed a solution to overcome these obstacles and deliver innovative ventilation options for all buildings.

There’s no longer any need to compromise on ventilation. Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows are an ideal ventilation solution for aged care facilities in particular – there is no compromise to security and privacy, they are easy to operate, they don’t have protruding elements that could be a hazard, they feature internal insect screens and they are versatile and stylish.