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The Australian launch of the new Master Builders Solutions brand was held on the Gold Coast.

Master Builders Solutions launched in Australia

As part of a phased global launch that will see a complete rebranding of its global construction chemicals business, BASF has launched the Master Builders Solutions brand in Australia. Held at the Links Hope Island Golf Club on the Gold Coast, the launch highlighted the new brand’s key theme of “connectedness.” The celebrations saw the unveiling of a giant jigsaw puzzle, which was put together by members of the Master Builders Solutions management team. Mark Volmer, head of BASF’s Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific, placed the last piece in the jigsaw and declared the brand launched.

The new Master Builders Solutions brand represents a wide range of construction chemical solutions previously sold under a variety of specialty brands. The portfolio of products and services embraces construction chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of buildings and infrastructure, including concrete admixtures and waterproofing.