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The lift-off adjustable hinge from Trend makes installing and removing door panels easy.

New lift-off adjustable hinge from Trend

The doors in Trend Windows and Doors’ hinge door range now come with a patented lift-off adjustable hinge, allowing the door to be adjusted either vertically or horizontally by up to 3 mm.

There is no need to remove the door panel for extra adjustment – just use an Allen key to adjust the door. The extra lift-off feature allows easy removal and installation of the door panel without the need to unscrew the door panel fixings. Simply lift the door up and in the open position and remove it from the three frame hinges.

The hinge is designed to suit any modern home – it is not bulky and blends with the door frame. The exterior parts of the hinge are made from aluminium and the interior bolts are in stainless steel. This provides a combination of strength, durability and protection from harsh weather.