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A pillar water tank at Enfield Marshalling Yards has been waterproofed with Wolfin Membrane.

Wolfin Membrane waterproofing from Projex Group

The Wolfin Membrane system was used to waterproof a historical pillar water tank at the Enfield Marshalling Yards in Sydney. Wolfin GWSK was chosen as the waterproofing membrane for the critical job of re-lining the inside of the tank. Andersal Engineering, a licensed Wolfin applicator, carried out these works.

The pillar water tank was put on the proposed ILC (Intermodal Logistics Centre) site in 1918 to provide a watering station for steam-powered locomotives. It comprises a cylindrical concrete tank and various concrete mouldings, mounted on top of a reinforced concrete pillar. The tank has the capacity to hold 18,000 L of water. The preservation and waterproofing of the pillar water tank is part of an upgrade of the Enfield Marshalling Yards. The Wolfin Membrane system is ideal for the project as it is UV-stable and can be used in underwater applications.