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A hard-wearing and ecologically balanced product, Eco Iqu is characterized by a classical woven aesthetic. The 30 new shades lend flexibility to design with a range from warm to cool colour worlds.

New Eco Iqu flat-woven carpet from GEO Flooring

Eco Iqu is a new flat-woven carpet characterized by a classical woven design but with a very fine structure. As explained by Thomas Trenkamp, designer of Eco Iqu at Carpet Concept, “the idea was to develop a bespoke suiting for the floor.” This resulted in two designs; one which is a delicately structured product as couture for a corporate office environment, and the other a rougher craftsman’s look as a strong counterpart.

The subtle nuances of the colours range from fine shades of brown and grey, to delicate blues and greens. There are 30 new shades in the coordinating designs, ranging from warm to cool colour worlds, which are flexible to create trendy looks with their mottled designs. A light melange draws attention to the appearance, which emphasizes the construction.

Eco Iqu is extremely hard-wearing and is characterized by a particular longevity, while the efficient use of yarn achieves a good ecological balance.

The carpet is also available with an acoustically effective backing for even better noise reduction and comfort.