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The Monolab retail space features cube counters glazed with black-painted ScalaMirage.

ScalaMirage glass by Viridian

ScalaMirage is a highly durable acid-etched glass, that can be custom-painted, silvered and paired with other Viridian products to create original design features. It is ideal for both exterior and interior uses, including balustrades, shower screens and partitions. ScalaMirage combines high levels of light transmission with a non-reflective, scratch-resistant satin finish.

The glass was used as a feature in the design for the Monolab retail space. “This central area encompasses the point-of-sale counter and feature product cube, glazed in a spectacular acid-etched black glass with rain-like linear markings reminiscent of Issey Miyake’s signature pleats,” says Lucy Marcyzk, interior designer at Nexus Designs.