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Cabot’s New Timber Prep imitates the effects of natural weathering, by drawing out tannins and oils in 15 minutes.

Finish-in-one-day deck coating system by Cabot's

Cabot’s finish-in-one-day deck coating system turns what is usually a six-week process into a one-day job, thanks to a series of innovative product developments.

The system involves three steps for new bare timber, or two for pre-weathered timber. The first step is the application of Cabot’s New Timber Prep – a product that allows deck owners to skip the four to six weeks of weathering typically recommended for new timber. Cabot’s Deck Clean is then used, before the final step, the application of Cabot’s Aquadeck. With a recoat time of just one hour, Cabot’s Aquadeck provides a durable, lightly pigmented finish.