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USG Boral’s Asona acoustical panels are a flexible option for architects and designers looking to reflect a client’s brand in the design of a workplace.

The panels come in a range of colours, patterned fabrics and perforation designs.

Reduce noise in work environments with USG Boral

Most organizations now understand that an appealing working environment can attract and retain both talented employees and customers. Office design and aesthetics can also help employees embrace change and adopt innovative and collaborative behaviours that enable businesses to respond to competitive market forces.

An important feature of a productive workplace environment is excellent acoustics. USG Boral recently added the Asona acoustical range from New Zealand to the wall and ceiling products it distributes in Australia. Asona acoustical panels are ideal for ceilings and walls in foyers, meeting rooms and open-plan workspaces where noise control is a factor. They are also suitable for ceilings in refurbished heritage buildings with tin roofs that would otherwise be deafening in wet weather.

The panels come in a wide range of decorative colours, patterned fabrics and perforation designs. This makes them a good choice for creating agile working spaces such as collaboration and innovation areas. Even within open-plan offices, various usage zones can be colour coded or visually defined by floating sound absorption panels.