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With Nfuse technology, AB Pure delivers a low-maintenance flooring solution in clean, crisp colours.

AB Pure rubber flooring is available in a broad selection of standard colours and can also be matched to any Pantone shade

AB Pure rubber flooring with Nfuse from GEO Flooring

GEO Flooring has added a new revolutionary rubber flooring, AB Pure, to its range of commercial flooring. A breakthrough in technology, the patented Nfuse “colour perfect” formulation delivers totally clean and crisp colours along with outstanding colourfastness.

Developed by American Biltrite, AB Pure was created by designers for designers. It is available in 36 standard colours across four surface finishes – Slate, Hammered, Imagine and Round – with a fifth finish, Natural Slate, available in five colours. All options are available in tile format, with Imagine also available in rolls. Another feature is the option for custom colours that can be created to perfectly match any Pantone shade. AB Pure rubber flooring is a comfortable, quiet, hygienic, safe, durable and low-maintenance flooring solution that offers outstanding “colour clarity” and colourfastness in a practical solution.

Nfuse technology is an overall product treatment technology that allows the coating to penetrate and seal the product. This means that it is “occupancy ready” after installation as there is no initial set-up procedure required. Cleaning and maintenance are simple, with no periodic sealing or waxing necessary. It has superior stain resistance, a low-lustre appearance and excellent durability and hygiene characteristics and is phthalate-free.