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Dekton ‘Trilium’ was used for the Lounge’s dining tables.

Dekton by Cosentino at Frogmore Creek winery

Dekton by Cosentino surfaces were used at the Lounge bar and restaurant at the southern Tasmanian winery Frogmore Creek. The surfaces provide an appealing, residential look and feel while also withstanding heat, cold and scratches. 

Dekton’s range of colours allows for a variety of complementary surfaces to be integrated in one space. The kitchen features the colours ‘Sirius’ and ‘Kelya,’ which are both a deep grey-black, helping it visually recede in the background, while the large dining tables are in ‘Trilium’ from the Industrial collection. Providing the desired “urban edge” look, ‘Trilium’ is a mix of deep grey, black and rusty tones with rich imperfections reminiscent of oxidized stainless steel.