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The single-layer design of Glasroc F offers a labour-effective solution to achieving fire ratings for column and beam installations.

Glasroc F gypsum board from CSR Gyprock

CSR Gyprock has launched Glasroc F, a gypsum board offering high-performance fire protection for structural steel columns and beams. Reinforced with glass fibre and providing up to 120 minutes of fire protection, Glasroc F is installed in a single, joint-less layer.

Delivered in partnership with worldwide plasterboard specialist Saint-Gobain and forming part of Gyprock’s International Alliance program, Glasroc F meets the needs of the Australian building industry. 

High-quality, robust and designed for fire-rated applications, Gyprock Glasroc F is a 30-mm-thick paperless, square-edged gypsum board. It features glass fibre tissue immediately below the surface on both sides and its core is reinforced with glass fibre rovings.