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A BK11 lounge chair from the Indoor-Outdoor furniture series by Bodil Kjær for Carl Hansen and Son, available from Cult showrooms in Australia and New Zealand.

The Indoor-Outdoor furniture series from Cult

Almost six decades after the initial launch of the architectural Indoor-Outdoor furniture series by Bodil Kjær, Carl Hansen and Son have added the series to its collection of design classics.

Consisting of seven pieces – a lounge chair, a small table, a dining table, a dining chair, a two-seater lounge sofa, a swing sofa and a sunbed – the Indoor-Outdoor series is made from solid teak. It patinates beautifully with age and is highly durable, even in diverse weather conditions.

Radiating both warmth and precision, the Indoor-Outdoor series has an elegantly clear form inspired by the cubist idiom. The relaunch captures Kjær’s intended spirit; the only change is to the pieces’ height, which has been adjusted to accommodate contemporary proportions.