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Proludic equipment has been designed for open-ended play as well as structured physical education classes.

IXO equipment has a minimalist, transparent design. The play equipment is built for safety and complies with Australian standards.

Proludic: A designer’s choice for schools

Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Physical activity is a proven way to increase cognitive ability and support positive mental health in children of all ages. The best playgrounds encourage imagination, stimulate creativity and support children’s wellbeing.

Experienced in working with schools and Department of Education decisionmakers, Proludic Australia has pushed the boundaries in outdoor play equipment design that inspires children to be active and have fun. The IXO range provides new possibilities for playground designers to create bespoke, contemporary playspaces to suit any school environment.

IXO’s play elements provide children with the chance to safely climb, slide, balance and rotate. Inspired by nature and modern architecture, each element is built from durable, robust materials. Designers can choose metal or wooden posts for urban or natural effects.