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Easy-to-follow instructions make the Trilatch pool gate latch simple to install; users require only an electric drill and a screwdriver.

Trilatch swimming pool gate latch

Safetech Hardware’s Trilatch is designed to prevent small children from opening gates and gaining access to unwanted areas. The triple-protection opening mechanism provides extra levels of assurance that the gate will remain securely closed.

Conventional swimming pool gates may comply with regulations when the latch release mechanism is at least 1.5 m high. What makes the Trilatch system unique is that two actions must be performed at the same time. First, the red release button must be pressed and held; then, the knob has to be lifted for the user to gain entry.

Trilatch top-pull latches are built to last and include rust-free, fibre-reinforced polymers, e-coated aluminium and stainless steel. Like all Safetech Hardware ranges, Trilatch is UV- stabilized to resist damage from the harsh Australian weather.