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The NX range’s engineering supports an immersive shower experience that produces a sense of total escape.

User-centred NX shower range

Refined by design, NX was created with a focus on the essential elements of showering. With five unique and exquisite collections, there is something to suit all sensibilities while also delivering equally invigorating and calming shower experiences. The user is at the centre of all design decisions for NX showers; whether seeking time lost in thought or no time to think at all, users will be immersed in an effortless cleansing.

The recent additions to the NX shower range, Iko and Orli, feature HydroSense – a water spray technology from Phoenix’s in-house research and development team. With HydroSense, water is transformed. This technology accelerates water flow, resulting in more even coverage, improved performance in low-pressure environments and reduced debris collection within the shower fitting.