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With Blum’s cover cap designs, cabinet interiors can match fronts.

Create a mesmerizing experience by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies so your designs both look and feel sophisticated.

Achieve ergonomic elegance with AVENTOS

Blum’s AVENTOS range of lift systems gives architects and designers the ability to utilize quality hardware around the home to meet current and future design trends.

With Blum’s new sophisticated cover cap designs and colour range, cabinet interiors can match cabinet fronts. Available in silk white, dark grey and light grey options, the systems can be utilized with both standard and SERVO-DRIVE applications.

Blum’s lift systems help designers achieve easy access and better workflows for their clients, moving cabinet fronts up and out of the way to allow clear access to the entire contents of the cabinet. The variable stop holds the front of the cabinet in any open position, keeping it exactly where it is left to ensure that it is always within reach.

Create a mesmerizing experience for your clients by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies – BLUMOTION soft-close, TIP-ON mechanical opening support system and SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system – so your designs both look and feel sophisticated.