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Available for drawers, Blum’s opening and closing electrical support system SERVO-DRIVE creates furniture worth showing off.

SERVO-DRIVE allows heavy pull-outs to be opened with ease, even when you’ve got your hands full – a light touch with your foot, knee or hip is all that’s required for the pull-out to open.

Blum’s quality motion technologies

Motion technologies provide freedom for design creativity, with handle-less furniture that improves user convenience.

There is nothing more inspiring than walking into a beautifully designed kitchen or home. Cabinetry should not only look good, but feel good too.

Don’t sacrifice functionality or quality in the pursuit of innovation. Blum provides quality products that are tried and tested to deliver outstanding comfort, effortless operation, and ease of functionality for day-to-day workflows.

The range includes lift systems, drawer systems, hinge systems, electrical support systems and mechanical opening systems for handle-less furniture, stay lifts and pull-outs.

Blum products are backed by rigorous research and testing, ensuring architects and designers peace of mind when specifying.