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Next Level Elevators’ innovative residential lifts are some of the most energy efficient available in Australia.

Next Level Elevators worked closely with renowned elevator innovator Gianluca Polensig to produce this range for an Australian audience.

The latest elevator technology

Next Level Elevators has redefined the industry with its range of all-electric residential lifts

The all-electric residential lifts from Next Level Elevators run on a 10A single-phase power supply and boast a European A-grade energy rating. Unlike their hydraulic counterparts, these lifts are some of the most energy efficient residential elevators available in Australia.

Beautifully crafted

All Next Level elevators are designed and crafted by Eltec in north-east Italy. Next Level worked with elevator innovator Gianluca Polensig to produce this truly beautiful range for Australian users.

Purpose built

The elevators have been purpose built with architects, builders and home owners in mind. This level of detail is reflected in the carefully crafted range.

The Eltec Volare

The Eltec Volare is Next Level’s entry model elevator, which has an innovative elevator shaft included. It’s designed and built in Italy but held in stock within Australia. This economical elevator is ideal for efficient installs whilst maintaining a premium design aesthetic.

The Eltec HLB

Next Level’s most popular elevator, the Eltec HLB, is highly customizable with near endless finishes and can be built to almost any size. Unlike hydraulic lifts, which require an external motor room, this innovative elevator has everything cleverly housed within the shaft.

The Eltec HLG

Offering all the benefits of the Eltec HLB – with an enhanced motor that increases capacity and makes it one of Australia’s most energy efficient residential elevators – the Eltec HLG has a range of exclusive finishes and is often customized using Next Level’s iconic glass elevator shaft.

No structural walls required

All elevators can be paired with a shaft that eliminates the need for structural walls. This cost-effective shaft can be retrofitted to numerous spaces and has
a surface that can be easily cladded.

Commercial options

Next Level Elevators provide the Eltec Access series for restricted use within a commercial setting. This lift adheres to BCA/NCC standards and is designed with wheelchair access.

Future customization

Next Level elevators are constructed with the future in mind. Their wall panels can be easily replaced to adapt to evolving interior styles.