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The Sevens Sofa from Mandura was designed by Leah Bennet. The wave motif throughout the Bidi pattern represents movement and the land.

Working together for future generations

Inspire workplace collaboration with modern First Nations furniture

Inspired by the number 7 boomerang, Mandura Sevens Sofa is the latest offering from Business Interiors. Mandura is a unique workplace supplies company dedicated to creating change for young First Nations Australians.

Made in Australia, the Sevens Sofa is the work of the Business Interiors furniture team and Leah Bennet, an interior designer, furniture designer and proud descendent of the Wudjari Noongar peoples from the Ravensthorpe region in Western Australia.

The Business Interiors team believes that by bringing First Nations culture into interior design and furniture design, people are able to gain a tangible and emotional connection to First Nations culture and history.

Bennet wanted to create a furniture piece that was holistically First Nations – from the shape, to the fabric, to the designers involved.

“I wanted to choose something away from the typical boomerang shape in order to bring awareness to the complexity of First Nations culture,”
said Bennet.

The two available patterns for the upholstery – “Bidi” (Journey) and “Noonak” (You) – were designed by fabric artist Buffie Corunna of the Noongar Nation.

The wave motif that is used throughout the Bidi pattern represents movement and the land. This style is unique to traditional Noongar artwork.

The curved symbol used throughout the Noonak design represents “human” in the Noongar language. Multiple symbols clustered together represent a meeting or collaboration.

Designed for casual collaboration, this sofa is available in a range of versatile configurations. The sofa aims to encourage positive and productive gatherings at work, in an education facility, or in a public space.

The various Sevens Sofa configurations include: a sofa or ottoman option; seating with or without a backrest; a range of sizes that fit two to six people; and two upholstered fabric patterns by Corunna, offered in three colours each.

About Mandura

By choosing to purchase from Mandura, you are supporting a First Nations organization that donates 20% of profits to the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation.

Dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation of First Nations peoples, the foundation’s focus areas include cultural education, mental health, entrepreneurship and employment.

About Business Interiors

Business Interiors provides furniture fitout solutions tailored to specific business needs. It addresses requirements such as workplace flexibility, agile working and space rationalization, all while supporting employee engagement and productivity.