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The new 900 Series high performance sliding doors.

Capral high-performance sliding doors

The new 900 Series High Performance Sliding Door gives confidence when extending design boundaries. Achieving the ultimate in high-performance weathering, low air infiltration and commercial strength, it’s ideal for high-rise apartments and prestige residential projects. Utilizing Capral’s Ecometal™, the 900 Series Sliding Door has been engineered to produce a perfect site line and is designed in an attractive minimalist style, offering maximum flexibility in terms of glazing and hardware options.

The 900 Series High Performance Sliding Door offers a maximum panel height of 3,000 mm and a maximum panel width of 1,500 mm. It is rated to withstand serviceability wind pressure up to 6,000 Pa, ultimate wind pressure up to 7,700 Pa and has water penetration resistance up to 700 Pa. The 900 Series has a five-star WERS rating.