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EVantage glass combines thermal and solar performance with subtle reflectivity and toned substrates.

EVantage glass

Designed for buildings requiring moderate solar control and the insulating benefits of a low-E coating, EVantage is an economical glazing option for projects that have previously had to specify top-of-the-range high-performance insulating glass units and solar-control laminates.

Manufactured using the Viridian pyrolitic process, EVantage features a reflective coating on clear and toned substrates. It combines solar and thermal performance, subtle reflectivity and glare control. The durable pyrolitic coating means that EVantage can be cut and processed, toughened, laminated, curved or fabricated into insulating glass units.

EVantage is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses up to a maximum size of 5,100 mm × 3,300 mm, and can be used in Viridian ThermoTech insulating glass units for enhanced performance.