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Easy-to-install Fujitsu inverter models offer energy-efficient airconditioning.

Fujitsu inverter split-system airconditioners

Two new energy-efficient floor / ceiling airconditioner models – the ABTA18LAT and ABTA24LAT – have been added to the Fujitsu inverter split-system range.

Both the ABTA18LAT and ABTA24LAT indoor and outdoor units’ fan motors and compressors are DC, helping to achieve greater energy efficiencies. As a result, the ABTA18LAT unit has a 5-star rating for cooling and heating, while the ABTA24LAT has a 4.5-star rating for cooling and a 5-star rating for heating.

Both models offer flexible installation, allowing for either a floor or ceiling airconditioning solution. Simple to install and compact, the units provide further convenience with quiet operation and four airflow modes, as well as an in-built filter-alert indicator.