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Kingspan cladding panels were specified for Majura Park.

Kingspan panels at Majura Park

With buildings today accounting for 40% of energy consumption in developed countries according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), energy-efficient design solutions are an urgent concern for the architectural and building industries.

With this in mind, Canberra architectural practice Daryl Jackson Alistair Swayn has selected Kingspan high-performance insulated architectural wall panels for the design of the Majura Park office buildings in Canberra. Situated on airport land adjacent to the runways, these three impressive office buildings on Majura Road have become significant features of the Canberra airport skyline. Together, the buildings will provide over 25,000 m² of new office space. Some 10,000 m² of Kingspan’s 1000 MR Micro-Rib cladding system was used throughout.

The design celebrates sleek, contemporary minimalism. The elegant facade design embraces uncluttered blade architecture through the use of a striking combination of Kingspan’s Atlantis Blue and Pearl White metallic insulated panel colours.

Kingspan marketing manger Helen Flood comments, “Globally, Kingspan has been leading efforts in energy efficiency and sustainable construction in the building materials sector. This local project gave us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the considerable performance and aesthetic benefits of Kingspan’s internationally accredited insulated wall panel technology to the Canberra market.”

Architect Scott Hodgson of Daryl Jackson Alistair Swayn says, “We specified Kingspan insulated panels because of their excellent energy performance, fire resistance and high level of durability. The Majura Park office buildings incorporate many cutting-edge environmental technologies for which Kingspan has played an important role.” The architect worked with builder Construction Control on the project, while the Kingspan cladding was installed by Erincole and Canberra Building Services.

As well as providing aesthetic impact, the innovative Kingspan Architectural Wall Panels in Micro-Rib profile (KS1000 MR) introduce the latest sustainable construction practices to the industry. Kingspan insulated panels achieve a superior thermal performance for the building, with insulation properties that are up to twice as effective as alternative insulation systems available. Kingspan insulated panels form an important starting point for introducing high-performance building industry practices to the region. For example, long panel spans reduce the secondary steelwork required, which in turn translates to reduced structural costs.

The system offers an off-the-shelf solution to the BCA Section J thermal regulations, as the panels incorporate an efficient built-in insulation. The panels provide the facade, insulation and prefinished interior in one component, which means construction is faster than traditional concrete methods and requires far less labour. This also lowers labour and site costs and can reduce occupational health and safety risks. In addition, its superb design with hidden fixings and a range of ancillary components ensures invisible joints between panels and a stable thermal environment within the building.

Green buildings make good business sense, as they attract and retain investment, customers and staff. This is the logic that flows from the way they reduce operational expenditure and limit exposure to rising energy prices as Australia moves rapidly toward an emissions trading scheme.

The colour selection used for the wall cladding system contributes to the building’s stunning presence. The colours used are just a few available from the wide range of colours and finishes available in the Kingspan range.

Kingspan insulated walls panels comprise the external finish bonded to a rigid insulation core with a prefinished internal liner. The systems offer an all-in-one package. With its water-tight panel design, an insulation material that has double the thermal performance of most other insulations commonly in use such as insulation batts and polystyrene, and spanning capabilities that can reduce the purlin and rail requirements by half, the system revolutionizes the traditional construction process. Kingspan also manufactures a range of insulated roof panels that use the same technology. Kingspan’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Australia is headquartered in Sydney. The company distributes nationally and offers full technical support and advice to its clients. The company is an industry leader committed to sustainable building solutions.