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Xtreme window and door systems withstand up to 40 kw/m² of heat flux without failure.

Xtreme bushfire-resistant windows and doors

With increasing demand and marginalization of available land for new houses and with bushfires becoming an increasing part of Australian climatic conditions, there has never been a larger focus on building standards and industry codes.

Many homes lost to bushfires actually survive the main fire only to fall victim to embers entering through failed components of the building envelope.

That is why Trend has developed the Xtreme range of aluminium windows and doors. Featuring Pyro-Protec components with 5 mm toughened glass, Xtreme window and door systems have been tested by CSIRO to temperatures up to 40 kw/m² of heat flux without failure.

This window system is a cost-efficient solution to a problem that is fast becoming a national challenge.

The Xtreme bushfire range includes awning, sliding and fixed windows plus sliding, hinged and bifold doors.