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Lightweight EasyLap panel is installed quickly by a carpenter and painter.

EasyLap panel cladding

Lightweight but durable, EasyLap panel is an easily installed and cost-effective broadwall textured cladding solution for both timber- and steel-framed homes. With EasyLap there’s no more mucking around with taping, setting and specialized texture coaters. Only two trades – a carpenter and painter – are needed for complete and fast installation.

EasyLap panel is a strong, fibrecement base sheet with a shiplap vertical joint, finished with a site-applied roll-on textured acrylic paint to create a rendered look with a subtle vertical joint. Steve Dyer from Build Better says, “It’s great to have a product that does not require a renderer to finish off. We engaged the painter straight after installing the cladding. EasyLap panel certainly saves time and money on wet trades and scaffolding.”