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Sunbrella awning fabrics in the garden

Sunbrella has teamed up with Australia’s dry-spell gardening guru, Brendan Moar, to produce a spectacular garden using Sunbrella fabric.

Running on the LifeStyle Channel, Brendan’s Dry Spell Gardening makeovers are inspired by the need to design water-conscious gardens that not only save water but are suited to Australia’s hot, dry climate. In his latest makeover, colour was introduced to the garden using a unique ribbon wall made using Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella was chosen because of its ability to withstand the elements, resisting rotting, fading, and damage from sun and water for up to ten years. Sunbrella fabric gives the garden colour at eye level that would otherwise have come from plants. Sunbrella’s huge range of vibrant colours, both plain and stripes, has added splashes of colour throughout the garden that make for an inspiring and water-wise design.