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Somfy sensors control blinds, sunscreens or roller shutters for optimum automated sun control.

Sunis and Thermosunis sun-control sensors

Somfy sensors are a convenient, compact and functional way to automate solar protection based on climatic conditions. Providing control over solar heat gain, the Sunis and ThermoSunis sensors are small and discreet sensors compatible with virtually all Somfy RTS motors and receivers.

Roller shutter and external sunscreen automation via the Sunis indoor sensor will ensure the right amount of light is allowed into each room by moving the roller shutter according to the sun’s position on the window.

Internal blinds, external blinds and roller shutters can be controlled using the ThermoSunis’ temperature and sun-sensing capability. The ThermoSunis sends the solar protection to the “My” position when radiant heat and light exceed preset levels.