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X-Board Plus joinery panels

Queensland company Sharp Plywood converts Xanita’s recycled paper (X-Core) to X-Board Plus, using an automated inline process.

The managing director of Sharp Plywood, Rod Sharp, says that the potential for X-Board Plus is only just beginning to be realized. “We didn’t expect all the different ways it would be used in the industry. It’s more than just a joinery panel,“ says Rod. “We now make X-Board Plus with built-in rails of solid timber or MDF as a matter of course, which is speeding up our customers’ production and creative uses. Our latest X-Board Plus panels faced with AC hoop plywood are attracting a lot of attention from the joinery industry as well,” says Rod.

X-Board Plus not only makes use of recycled paper waste, therefore reducing the amount that enters landfill, but also reduces the cost of raw materials, embodied energy, transport and logistics. The product is made to order and can support any design to meet residential or commercial furnishing requirements.