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Bloom can double as a flowerpot and as a ice bucket for parties.

Bloompot by Cafe Culture

Characterized by its simple but elegant design and versatility, Bloompot was designed in 2001 by Rob Slewe of the Netherlands.

It’s suited to indoor and outdoor use and can be used as a flowerpot or light, or it can be filled with ice to chill champagne or other mixed drinks at a party. Bloom can connect to watering and sprinkler systems through the port in the bottom of each flowerpot. This port is also the drain for the flowerpot which enables water to bypass electrical wires.

Since its inception, Bloom been specified for exclusive resorts, spa retreats, retail interiors, restaurants, hotels, landscape designs, pool areas and homes across Australia.

It is available in five sizes and in colours white, pink, purple, red, lime, orange, taupe and grey.