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The pull out spray rinse is convenient for vegetable preparation, rinsing the sink and filling pots.

Spray rinse kitchen taps

Spray rinse technology from luxury English tapware brand Perrin & Rowe is now available in Australia.

These striking kitchen taps with patented pull-out spray rinse offer hot, cold or mixed water diverted from the main tap. This provides convenience when washing dishes or rinsing the sink, filling pots and vases and during vegetable preparation.

The spray can be positioned on the left or right side of the sink to the owner’s preference and sits discreetly in the bench mount. The retractable 1.2-m long hose provides unrestricted use around large work areas.

In addition, a choice of finishes – chrome, nickel, pewter, gold or English bronze – makes these taps an outstanding feature of the kitchen, scullery or laundry.