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Slip-resistant Tredfx stair tread nosings are suitable for new and retrofitting applications.

Stair tread nosing by Tredfx

Tredfx Floor Safety continues to expand its array of products with the release of the Tredfx stair tread nosing range. This new architecturally designed aluminium stair nosing collection increases the safety of the staircase while enhancing its aesthetics.

Suitable for all applications, Tredfx has stair nosing solutions that provide slip resistance, durability and great appearance. Plus, they are available in a huge colour palette. All Tredfx stair nosings are designed to comply with the relevant Australian standards and are approved by access consultants. Suitable for specification on new projects or retrofitting to an existing staircase, the Tredfx range includes nosings for internal and external areas, solid substrates or carpeted stairs and extends to specialist types such as luminescent and lighted stair nosings.