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The Energy Efficient Lightweight Homes Technical Bulletin.

Accel Design by James Hardie

Accel Design, James Hardie’s product service that delivers smart design and specification tools for professionals can now accelerate architects and specifiers’ access to exclusive research.

Created to help specifiers design, detail and document easily, Accel helps to quickly create realistic 3D designs with intelligent ArchiCAD and Revit content and easily calculate sustainability, fire and acoustic ratings.

Now, as an Accel member, you’ll also receive a new series of technical bulletins collated from extensive research about topical challenges for the construction industry such as designing energy efficient homes.

For example, did you know that the software tool you use can make a difference of over half a star rating? Part 1 compares the variances between thermal simulation tools, across populous climate zone. Do you know when to insulate and enclose a lightweight floor – and achieve lower life cycle energy consumption and floor solution that’s less sensitive to orientation and solar access? Or how to achieve a more cost effective 6 star designed house?

For complimentary membership to Accel visit and download Part 1 of the Energy Efficient Lightweight Homes Technical Bulletin series now when you join.