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Somfy’s Glydea curtain automation system includes a sleek design that hides cables.

Glydea curtain automation by Somfy

Automated curtains are fast becoming a standard in high-end homes, luxury apartments and hotels. Glydea from Somfy delivers ultra-quiet automated curtains with many features previously not available in a single solution. These features include:

  • Touch motion – simply pull the curtain and it will start to run.
  • Soft start/soft stop – watch the curtain as it gently starts before increasing to full running speed.
  • Manual override – protects the curtain and motor from damage if the curtain is pulled manually. Perfect for hotels and other commercial installations.
  • Aesthetics – a patented cover and sleek design hides the cables.

Glydea is compatible with the full range of Somfy controls and can be integrated into virtually all home automation and building management systems on the market.