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The award-winning Ecoscience Precinct in Brisbane uses Kingspan insulated panels.

The award-winning Ecoscience Precinct in Brisbane uses Kingspan insulated panels.

The award-winning Ecoscience Precinct in Brisbane uses Kingspan insulated panels.

Kingspan insulated panels

Staff at Kingspan Insulated Panels said they were elated for Hassell after its success at the 2011 National Architecture Awards. The architecture firm won the top national architecture prize, the Harry Seidler Award for Commercial Architecture for the Ecoscience Precinct in Brisbane.

The jury for the prestigious award said the building concept is simple, powerful and extremely well executed. It “purposefully unites the complex, high performance requirements of laboratory space with social, people orientated environments filtered by a light garden ambience.”

“It assertively embraces the next generation of healthy, efficient and enjoyable office environments.”

In part, the Ecoscience Precinct’s 4 Star equivalent Green Star rating speaks to the efficiency cited by the jury. The precinct incorporates a range of sustainable initiatives, such as rainwater capture, and Kingspan’s insulated panels have helped to facilitate excellent energy efficiency. Kingspan insulated panels were an integral part of the design and helped the project reach an energy efficient result that was far better than is usually expected with energy-intensive laboratory complexes.

Kingspan insulated panels ensure stable internal conditions throughout the whole building. The thermal performance of the panel core and the air-tightness of the joints reduce the load on HVAC systems and help to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Hassell used Kingspan’s long-spanning architectural wall panels to complement the external aesthetic. The eight-metre panels were vertically orientated. Combined with Kingspan’s true secret fix system, which conceals all the fixings, Hassell achieved expansive, clean lines up the 24 m high walls that draw the eye skywards.

Hassell also specified Kingspan’s controlled environment (KS1100 CS) panels in the construction of the laboratories. Laboratories of this standard are built as an enclosed space to enable the control of airborne particles, temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow patterns and levels of contamination. The high performance and functionality of the KS1100 CS panels are ideally suited to these “clean room” applications

“Hassell has earned the accolades. It’s simply a beautiful building inside and out,” said Helen Flood, marketing manager for Kingspan Insulated Panels.

“It is wonderful to see progressive yet highly practical architecture winning national awards. The Ecosicence Precinct is an excellent case study of how Kingspan panels can be utilized and excel in the now crucial nexus between thermal performance and design aesthetic.

“We’re particularly proud that Hassell showcased panels from each of Kingspan’s roof (Trapezoidal profile KS 1000 RW), architectural wall panel (AWP) and controlled environment (CS) ranges. The installed panels make for a modern finish and contributes to the building’s sleek lines,” said Ms Flood.

Kingspan Insulated Panels is a global leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable insulated roof, architectural wall and controlled environment panel systems.