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Le Labo metallic textiles can be used for curtaining, screens, room dividers and lighting.

Le Labo metallic textiles by Boyac

Boyac’s Le Labo design is a metallic textile that brings new design possibilities to the Australian contract scene.

Created by French designers Emmanuelle Legavre and Herve Langlais, Le Labo is interlocking metal plates and chainmail “textiles” that can be used for accessories and bespoke interior applications, including window curtaining, screens, room dividers, lighting and more.

Le Labo was launched in 2006 and has a 25-year history in metal work for various industries, including fashion. Le Labo’s cutting-edge designs have been chosen for the Traders Hotels in Abu Dhabi, Be Manos Hotel in Brussels and the Accor concept room at Le Faubourg in Paris, to name a few.