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The Campari building in Italy features terracotta wall cladding.

The Campari building in Italy features terracotta wall cladding.

Palagio cladding solutions by Artedomus

Palagio offers beautiful, unique cladding solutions that are visually striking, thermally efficient and easy to maintain.

Ventilated facades and sunscreens are creating interest throughout the world as environmental legislation, energy costs and ongoing maintenance costs are taken into account. Palagio’s expertly engineered ventilated facades allow for the efficient management of temperature and energy and are ideally suited to the Australian climate, providing the optimal level of environmental comfort.

Palagio has worked with many highly regarded architects including Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, contributing its technical understanding of terracotta and systems of anchorage, from working plan through to production and installation of various types of facade. This experience, which spans a wide range of geographical areas including Australia, has helped develop a deep understanding of the requirements of different environmental situations. The result is a range of cladding and sunscreen products designed for both residential and commercial applications that respond to specific aesthetic needs, and that combine high performance, including thermo, hygrometric and acoustic advantages.

Palagio tile, cladding and sunscreen products are available exclusively through Artedomus in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.