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Junckers sports floors are suitable for basketballs courts and professional sporting applications.

Sports floors by Havwoods

Indoor sports floors are all about shock-absorbing qualities: ball bounce, resilience and friction are the key factors which determine both performance and safety. If the floor is too soft, the ball rebound will be too slow. If it is too hard the athlete will be exposed to injury due to fatigue. Around onethird of all indoor sports injuries can be related to the properties of the floor.

Junckers are world-renowned experts in sports flooring, having installed more than twenty million square metres, and are represented on the committee responsible for setting the exceptionally stringent European standards for sports flooring.

All Junckers sports floors are made from 22 mm solid hardwood with timbers especially chosen for their tensile strength, straight grain structure and optimum area elasticity (ensuring the maximum freedom of movement). A choice of woods and sub-structures ensure the best flooring for whatever usage and performance level is required.

All Junckers sports floors are designed to enable athletes and dancers to train longer and play harder without fear of injury, which is why they are the choice of athletes. In Australia, Junckers sports floors are available only from Havwoods.