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Beacon Lighting Commercial’s Airfusion DC fans use less electricity than traditional AC ceiling fans

Airfusion fans from Beacon Lighting

With the skyrocketing cost of electricity fast becoming a concern for many households, it’s little wonder the popularity of energy-efficient ceiling fans is growing everyday.

Now Beacon Lighting Commercial has introduced a new range of fans that take energy efficiency to a whole new level. Airfusion DC fans are designed with revolutionary DC (direct current) technology, which uses 40% less electricity than traditional AC (alternating current) ceiling fans. The blades are curved and moulded to a precise angle, which not only greatly improves the airflow, but also adds a unique aesthetic to the contemporary style.

Powered by a precision-balanced DC motor that is housed in a streamlined body, Airfusion DC fans use a lot less energy to keep the fan rotating, which also makes them one of the quietest fans on the market.

Airfusion DC fans are exclusively available from Beacon Lighting Commercial.