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The City Elements exterior lighting system is available from Hess Australia Form and Light.

City Elements by Hess Australia Form and Light

City Elements by German lighting manufacturer Hess AG is a fully configurable exterior lighting system. It consists of 10 modules with 13 optical systems, including LED options for virtually all lighting needs – from facade illumination to street/area lighting.

The modules are assembled into one elegant column, available in three diameters and variable heights, from 50 cm to nine metres. In addition to lighting, City Elements offers power or water supply units for direct on-site connection. A CCTV-camera module and a GOBO-projector module, hidden within a column, complement the lighting system.

Thanks to its modularity, City Elements is a perfect choice for urban planners and lighting designers: it eliminates unsightly clutter and reduces the overall installation costs.

City Elements is available from Hess Australia Form and Light, based in Sydney. Fill out the enquiry card to find out how to build your own City Elements column.