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The slimline indoor unit by Fujitsu General has four airflow options and closes automatically.

Ducted solution by Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General has launched a slimline indoor unit for ducted inverter multi systems.

The 198-mm-high unit is ideal for new and existing installations with limited roof capacity. These units also feature a built-in drain pump that is capable of pumping condensed water up to 850 mm above the ceiling. Up to nine static pressure modes can also help to make the ductwork design and layout easy.

Complemented by a new range of auto louvre grilles, with four airflow options and an auto-close function, the result is a seamless look that blends with all interior styling trends.

The indoor units need to be connected to an Inverter Multi outdoor unit to operate – check with a Fujitsu representative for allowable combinations.