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Hyne Timber’s range of glue laminated beams are ideal for high-load and long-span applications.

Glu Laminated Timber range by Hyne Timber

Glu-lam timber expert Hyne Timber can help design and construct with Glu-lam timber – an incredibly versatile, strong and sustainable product.

The Glue Laminated Timber range includes Hyne Beam 17, 18, 21 and LGL. This range of softwood and hardwood glue laminated beams has been developed to cover almost any kind of structural application, indoor or outdoor, straight or curved, and is particularly suited to high-load and long-span applications where performance is critical.

All Glue Laminated Timber products made by Hyne are Chain of Custody Certified. This certification ensures that all the timber used comes from a sustainably managed source.